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Thread: Selecting what disks to show usage

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    Default Selecting what disks to show usage

    Hi everybody.

    For more than one year, we have been using an external USB hard disk for backup storage in a zimbra NE installation.
    However, we have recently replaced this USB hard disk by a NAS mounted via NFS export.
    Zimbra stats, however, still displays sda1 usage that, of course, is empty (because has been remove).

    So, two questions:

    - How do I remove USB disk from being displayed in disk usage graphs.
    - Can I add an NFS export in disk usage graphs?

    Thanks in advance!

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    removing any reference to the disks in the mysql logs might remove the stats. of course you'll want to backup your db ahead in case something goes screwy.

    loghost:~ # su - zimbra
    zimbra@loghost:~> logmysql zimbra_logger
    mysql> delete from disk_aggregate where device = '/dev/sda1' ;
    mysql> delete from disk_status where device = '/dev/sda1' ;

    then wait for the next time it regens the graphs which is like every 20min or so i think.

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