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Thread: Incoming and Active Queues Question

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    Default Incoming and Active Queues Question

    I have Zimbra up and working on a test server. Looks very nice and my company is considering a migration from our current system (qmail, courier Imap). Now I am wondering about the limits on the incoming and active queues. The admin document says there is a limit on the number of messages in the active queue. What about incoming?

    I am particularly curious about how Zimbra will handle local clients. Our current system has trouble because the mail scanner will not accept incoming smtp messages until there is a process available. this causes long waits for mail to be accepted (on the client side) or sometimes even dropped smtp connections. How does Zimbra handle local smtp connections in this regard?


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    Perhaps it would help to re-frame your question in terms of anticipated volume, because when I watch the queues on my (admittedly small) installation there is rarely more than one or two messages visible--if that--because they are processed so quickly.

    This is on a single-processor PIII 1.4GHz, 2GB, 73GB RAID-1 (Linux software RAID) setup. I have roughly 30 users in a single small-business domain, and process in the neighborhood of 600 messages a day with an average size of just under 150 kb.

    This small-business implementation means that even old computer hardware literally never gets out of low gear. I happen to know of others who use Zimbra to process thousands of messages for hundreds of users, and with multiple server scenarios it goes all the way into the millions.

    The real question for you, I should say, will simply be sizing the hardware to address your anticipated traffic needs. See official system requirements here.

    And feel free to post back; we're here to help.



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