I have an existing installation which has been running fine for months. Within the last week I suddenly started getting an error when I log into the admin console. The error is as follows:

Message: Csfe service error
Error code: service.FAILURE
Method: ZmCsfeCommand.invoke
Details:system failure: getting database logger connection

I have not made any changes to configurations, or otherwise - nothing besides adding new email accounts.

I found a few threads with individuals getting this error and the instructions to fix included deleting the DB (rm -rf /opt/zimbra/logger/db/data) which seemed concerning to me being this is an active install being used by my customers.

Is there any concerns, problems, risks, etc. from running

rm -rf /opt/zimbra/logger/db/data

on an active system?

I.e.: if I perform:

su - zimbra
zmcontrol stop
logmysql.server stop
rm -rf /opt/zimbra/logger/db/data
logmysql.server start
zmcontrol start

Should I have concerns about deleting the logger db? Or is that simply just log info - nothing more - and there is no risk because logging is not currently working anyway?

Point being, I want to understand what I am doing, or if I am doing the correct thing, before I start running commands.

BTW- Performing: mysql.server status returns:
mysql is running with pid 16350

So, MySql is running, email is currently being delivered, and everything else appears to be running fine.

Thank you for any assistance,