Well, I have this problem like for a week. I send mail to different domains and they arrive to the inbox, but hotmail no, not even on the junk folder. I try several solutions. I have the SPF records on the DNS, reverse address, I even try a solution that say to change the amavis configuration, but still nothing. I look all over the web for an answer. Subscribe on diferent whitelist services, but still nothing. I connect to the #zimbra and #bind channels to get some help. People help me with different ideas, but still mail doesn't arrive to the inbox, sometimes it arrives as junk.

The last thing I decide to do is send a messages to hotmail telling about my issue. It took 2 days for them to response. First email saying that they have receive the email and they are working in it. I don't stay there an reply to that message asking if they could send an error code they are getting on their server so I can make the changes on mine. They answer with 21 question I need to answer, hehe.

I reply with the information they where asking. They send me another email saying that the issue was send to the filtering department. It took 8 hours for that department to answer. They gave me a couple of recomendations, suscribe to some services, etc.. I did and reply to that message (I didn't subscribe to a payment whitelist they recommended). After that they told me that my domain will be in a mitigation period (kind of 60 days) and they will study why mails doesn't arrive to their accounts. 3 hours later I send an email to a hotmail account and it went to the inbox. Finally!!! well if someone have that same problem in the future now you have an idea on what to do.

After the mitigation period expire, I shouldn't have any problem sending mails to hotmail accounts.