Is Rules_Du_Jour still something admins should put in to use today? And if so, any instructions to how? Cause after reading this guide and followed the instructions at Sietse.Net .

But the rules doesnt seem to be in effect at all, for example is one of the downloaded rules containing a lot of addresses which should give a score of 2 (score SARE_EN_A_1XX_2 2.0)(I take..?). But when I grab a few addresses from there and send in an e-mail from my yahoo mail to my zimbra system it doesnt get tagged with the expected 2.0 (at least..).

But when reading that file a bit more from the top:
# Created: 2004-01-02
# Modified: 2005-03-19
makes me wonder if this is heavily outdated and nothing to waste time on...

If its a waste of time, is it any other similar solutions thats updated?