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    Can the Zimbra's IM run indepentently from zimbra webmail interface, just like Yahoo Messageer or MSN Messager? My people already got used to Outlook or Thunderbird to send/receive their email. But they hope we have enterprise wide IM function. If they need to login to the Zimbra webmail interface for the IM, that would be inconvenient.


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    not a zimbra issue maybe :0)
    for now external the zimbra people have disabled external communication via IM. But that would not be what you want: you don't want to use the zimbra-webclient but your corporate directory within the server (the GAL, thus zimbra-ldap).
    Zimbra uses openfire/wildfire by Jive software as IM-server. This server can be downloaded and installed stand-alone and supports many (freely-)available clients that can be installed and used next to your outlookclients.. Than just install and configure openfire to use your zimbra ldap and you'd be on the road you want to follow?
    Unless you're authenticating to an external source ldap/AD this may work for you.
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