I have a question regarding the Mobile addon for the Network Edition. We are thinking of making a purchase next week however could someone clear the following dilemma/question we had:

If I set it up to sync my emails would that download ALL of the inbox contents or only the new emails for all folders? Also if I delete a message would that be deleted off the server or only off my device? This is quite an important question since the mailboxes have over 2GB of mails/account inside however sending and receiving using activesync would solve our problem of sentmail which was sent on the road not being saved on the server. So will it sync ALL the messages meaning download the 2GB over UMTS/GPRS or just the latest ones ?

This is what we actually want: all mobile devices would receive their calendar/contacts/mail OTA from the Zimbra Server. If the user adds a new Contact or Calendar entry on his PDA then it gets synced to the Zimbra Server.

In case of email we only want the latest ones which were not read yet. The user would read his email on his PDA and delete it for saving storage space on the PDA. The message would NOT be deleted off the server. If the user sends an email using his PDA the message would be copied to the sent folder which would be visible on his desktop and the web GUI as well. All mobile clients would use WM5 or WM6.

Is this possible?