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Thread: Spam Filters just stopped working.

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    Default Spam Filters just stopped working.

    I had spam filters working great, and all of a sudden they have just stopped.

    Doing zmprov gacf | grep zimbraMtaRestriction


    zimbraMtaRestriction: reject_rbl_client

    Shouldn't there be more than that?

    How can I make the spam filters more effective?

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    Hey Surreal glad to see ya again,
    What version are you on?
    (There was in infamous bug where modifying the global settings in the admin console emptied those, plus we've gotten better about keeping enabled RBL's on upgrades.)

    Two good one's:
    Configuring and Monitoring Postfix DNSBL - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Improving Anti-spam system - Zimbra :: Wiki

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