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Thread: users are not presented with an option to accept, decline, or tentative appointments

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    Did this ever get resolved? I'm on 5.0.9 (with the latest outlook connector in that release) and having the same exact issue with BES users.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbarnett View Post
    As the topic says, sometimes users are not presented with an option to accept, decline, or tentative an appointment. The do receive a meeting request email, but in some cases that email offers no options for accepting, declining, or tentative.

    However, the user can go to their calendar and right click on the appointment in question, and _then_ select one of the above options. This works fine, without issue.

    Anyone else seeing this?
    I see this as well but it looks like they are appointments that have been forwarded.

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    Default Accept, Decline and Tenative options and Web Email Clients

    I have found that when I originate a meeting request via the Zimbra web client that users with Zimbra web cleint or Outlook client will see the options to repy to a meeting request. However HTML email clients like Yahoo and Gmail don't.

    I looked at how other web clients (Yahoo and Gmail) send meeting requests and that Yahoo is not so great and Gmail seems to work pretty good. Of course Gmail is sending an ICS attachnment to make this work and that's cool. With a Gmail request you get a button bar in the email, plus the HTML links too in the Zimbra web client.

    So I sent a meeting request from the Outlook client to the the Yahoo, Gmail and Zimbra clients and they all get the reply options. This potentially fix my problem, but I really want to use the Zimbra web interface instead.

    So I guess my question at this point is:
    How can I make the Zimbra Web Client send these options to other web client email systems. It seems that having an ICS attachment facilitates this with Gmail's solution. I just want to ensure that who ever gets a meeting request on what ever platform will have the three options.

    Any ideas how to mimic or configure this behavior?

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    Think we found the cause:

    In Preferences-Calendar when "Allow these users to see my free/busy" is checked the user does not see the Accepty/Declien buttons in the web client email invitation.

    Uncheck the above, resend the announcement and Accept/Decline buttons appear.

    Asking others to confirm....



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