We are just a couple of days into our trial period and I have a few questions. They cover a variety of topics so I thought this might be the best forum to ask this in...

- First off is how easy is Zimbra to sync w/ something running PalmOS (either a palm itself or something like a Treo)? I've seen a couple of different things that talk about sync w/ Zimbra w/ Outlook and then Outlook w/ Palm, but that seems a bit much and I don't think I'm going to be able to convince people to use Outlook just as a conduit. Isn't there an easier way to do this? Have I missed something here?

- Where are the mail files, or are they stored in a DB somewhere? If I access the zimbra IMAP server via something that requires I specify a root dir (pine for example) what do I use? It works fine w/ Thunderbird (so I know everything is installed/running correctly) but on PC-Pine I have to specify a path to the mail folder. If I don't put anything there I can see the other folders (chats, drafts, trash, etc) but not the Inbox.

- Is there a way to see a location's calendar? What I mean is I setup a conference room location and people can request use of that location when creating an event, but I can't seem to find a way to pull up a calendar that has all the events for that location. Do I have to set a password for that location, login and then share it?

- Speaking of sharing, I see the concept of groups mentioned when creating a share, but I don't see a way of creating groups in the admin app. I did setup a distribution list, but when I tried to share something to that list I got an error.

- Is anyone using multiple Zimbra installs at different locations and how well do they interact? It seems like the only share that allows read/write access is for "local" users/groups. If I have two sets of users at different locations, how can I make all the info accessible to either side? I haven't looked into it much so if someone can just say yes/no and point me in the right direction I'll should be able to dig up the details.

- How do I change sshd to run on something other than port 22? I tried setting it to something else but then I lost the ability to see the mail queues.

- What firewall do people usually use w/ zimbra? Since we are testing it on an ubuntu machine normally I would use something like shorewall. Since zimbra seems to take over the machine entirely though I wasn't sure if one was needed or which one I should use.

I'm pretty sure some more questions will come up as we dig into it further, but I think that's it for now.