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Thread: Can I move /opt/zimbra/backup?

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    Default Can I move /opt/zimbra/backup?

    /opt is filling.

    I am planning on nfs mounting another drive at /opt/zimbra/backup/.
    Am I going to have problems if I mv /opt/zimbra/backup to /opt/zimbra/backup.old right before I mount the filesystem?

    I understand that backup performance will be degraded, but I have no other choices at the moment because I have no power for another array right now. And if another full backup kicks off this weekend, the filesystem will fill and crash Zimbra.

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    You can do this or you can go the other way : you mount your new share to /whatever/whatelse, adjust the permissions then tell Zimbra to do the backup in the new directory.

    You can change the backup destination path in the Admin WebUI.

    I'm currently backing up with NFS (it s*cks but I don't have enough disk space) to a directory mounted as /mnt/nfs-server

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