Hello forum!

We have done a multiple server installation of Zimbra 5.02 (OSS), and could do with some advice from you guys on the following:

In data center (DS1) we have zimbra working, spread out over 4 servers, one of which is the Zimbra Message Store.

In the other data center (DS2) we have basically the same the setup, however what I want to achieve is to rsync any required data from DS1 to DS2.

The idea is that in the event service in DS1 fails, we can swap to DS2, and have a (semi) recent copy of the Message Store from DS1 available in DS2.

Now from what I can understand of the manuals, the key elements are


Now, as I understand it the index data is created on the fly when mails are passed from the edge mta to the Message Store, I'm not fully clear as if I should additionally be backing this up, also not clear about the db.

Can I rsync *just* the store, and issue a command to re-index it etc?

To additonally compilacte matters, I need to get yet another Message Store from another set of 4 x servers in DS1, and copy it to DS2.

At the minute, in DS2's I created


I need to have in DS2's setup the web interface being able to read mails etc of both.

Maybe to clarify things, that both message stores are backed up to DS2, and that DS2's web interface permits users logging in with their credentials and accessing the relivants Message Store.

Phew... I hope someone can assist / advise on this.

I'm on IRC in #zimbra as [miles] if anyone cares to chat about the issue.

Kind regards to you all