Ok, I've been around and around and done everything suggested as far as a fix, and am at my whits end.

At some point in time my loggerdb got corrupted, and I've been getting no graphs and "no messages" in my daily reports...

So Far I've done the following,

attempted repairing tables via logmysql commandline (reported ok after finding errors, and fixing them)

reinitialized loggerdb (delete db recreate)

made sure logger was running (and it is infact shoving data in the mysql database's raw_logs table.

but /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmdailyreport, zmmsgtrace, and zmgengraphs basically dont find any data to report on.

I am seriously at my whits end. I realize this is hardly the core of the collaboration suite, but after following every article I could find on the subject, nothing reports any errors, we just dont get any stats.

please for the love of God and all that is holy... help me get this stuff running like it should.

For the time being, I'm grabbing stats with a mono app I wrote that works rather well, but doesnt do graph generation or anything. (being I dont exactly have a full report, I dont know what should be in it.)