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Thread: check mail of ISP

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    Default check mail of ISP

    i have another mail server located into my ISP with mail/pop running qmail
    how can retrive my email from the ISP i through my located mail server
    which run zimbra, i.e how can i configure my zimbra to catchup the mails from ISP.

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    When you want to set it automatic (instead of having to hit 'get mail') try:
    zmprov mds <Data source external IMAP/POP account name> zimbraDataSourcePollingInterval 300s
    zimbraDataSourceMinPollingInterval is usually 60s or 1m or 2m & zimbraFeatureMailPollingIntervalPreferenceEnabled should be set to TRUE

    To cancel polling, set the attribute value to an empty string ("") or 0. Keep in mind that zimbraDataSourcePollingInterval gets inherited from the COS to the account to the data source. If a child object sets the value to "", it inherits the parent's value - if set to 0, it's turned off.

    You can vote for: Bug 22114 - Expose external account polling interval in UI

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