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Thread: ie6 and compose popup window

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    Default ie6 and compose popup window

    We have a site with around 20 users. When the users with older versions of Internet Explorer or Firefox open the compose popup in Zimbra, it all works fine. However, the machines which have updated to IE v6.00.xx occassionally get a silver background screen on the popup, and nothing more.

    I have temporarily fixed this by telling Zimbra to not open a new window, but to do the compose in the current window. However, having a separate window to compose in is a Good Thing, so I'm getting a lot of flack.

    any ideas? Anyone else having this problem? I will be going onsite Friday to do some additional troubleshooting.

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    Yes we've seen this bug. Seems to work the first time, but if the JS files are cached it doesn't load. We've put in a fix that will be inlcuded in the next release.
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