I wanted to post this here and see if I'm just doing something wrong before I file a bug report

I have a default cos setup that does not have IMAP access enabled under features.
I have another CoS that does have IMAP enabled.

I add a user who defaults to the non-imap CoS. I try imapsync, and get an errror about no imap access of course.

I go to the account settings, and change the user from the non-imap CoS to the imap CoS. I then try imapsync, still same error.

I go into the individual account settings for that user, go to features and see that IMAP access is checked already. Still get the error in imapsync.

I uncheck, then recheck the IMAP access box in the user's settings, which ungreys the "Save" button and I resave the user's setting. imapsync works fine now.

it seems that adding the user who was in a non imap enabled cos to a IMAP enabled CoS does not automaticly give them access. Is this a bug?