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Thread: External Connection to Zimbra Bugzilla?

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    Default External Connection to Zimbra Bugzilla?

    Are there connection settings that will work to externally connect to the Zimbra Bugzilla database?

    I've got a wiki (TWiki) here that we use for internal documentation. In it we list some of the "high priority" Zimbra bugzilla numbers for our users so they can look at them and go vote if they so choose. One of the installable TWiki plugins renders Bugzilla stuff in the wiki automatically rather than me having to hand enter all the bugzilla data. The plugin wants connection information for the bugzilla database though, and I don't know if that's publicly available, or if the only way to get to the data is through the web UI at Bugzilla Main Page.

    Does anyone know? Here is the data the plugin wants...

             o Set URL =
              o Set FORMAT = | $bug_id | $bug_severity | $priority | $bug_status | $resolution | $reporter | $product | $short_desc |
              o Set SHORTDESCRIPTION = This plugin is useful to display links or data results from Bugzilla.
              o Set SHOWBUGSCRIPT = show_bug.cgi
              o Set BUGLISTSCRIPT = buglist.cgi
              o Set BUGZILLA_DB_HOST =
              o Set BUGZILLA_DB_PORT = 3306
              o Set BUGZILLA_DB_NAME = bugs
              o Set BUGZILLA_USER = guest
              o Set BUGZILLA_PASSWD = 
              o Set DEBUG = 0
    I'm fine with anonymous access if it's available.


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    Hey Matt,
    I'm sorry, but the Mysql port on the bugzilla server is blocked at our firewall. You'd be better to find a program that can scrape bugzilla for data, or link to

    By the way, Both of those servers are being moved to faster more reliable servers. They're a little slow now.


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