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Thread: root password reset

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    Default root password reset


    We have a Dell PowerEdge server running RHEL5 and Zimbra version Version: 5.0.2_GA_1975.RHEL5.FOSS Jan 30, 2008

    Although Zimbra keeps on running, our root password is being reset.
    Before the Zimbra installation the server didn't have this problem. As we do not know the new reset password we cannot ssh in. Using console access we can reset by going to runlevel 1, but this requires a reboot and interrupts the mailserver.

    Does anybody have an idea how it comes the root password gets reset.

    thanks, Patrick

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    Do you have any users with sudo privs?

    If so:
    sudo /bin/bash

    Requires the USER's password and NOT root

    Good luck

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