Using ZimbraTM Collaboration Suite, Administratorís Guide, Release 5.0, Network Edition, January 2008. Specifically page 134, Restoring to the new server.

And also Network Edition Disaster Recovery - Zimbra :: Wiki

I can successfully restore using a full backup of ldap and sessions. My problem is how to restore not only the full but subsequent incremental backups.

Step 5 To restore the LDAP, type zmrestoreldap -lb <latest_label>. I assume I can use the latest backup full or incremental. I tried both and it appears to restore the same ldap information.

At step 7, executing "zmrestoreoffline -sys -a all -c -br" returns

[zimbra@zimbra ldap]$ date; zmrestoreoffline -sys -a all -c -br ; date; Wed Feb 27 20:55:20 MST 2008
Redo log sequence has been reset from the backup

System tables and local configuration are restored.
Local config is restored to <zimbra_home>/conf/localconfig.xml.restored.
Make sure current volumes are correct using zmvolume command.

Wed Feb 27 20:55:24 MST 2008
zmrestoreldap -lbs is able to see all the backups.

[zimbra@zimbra ldap]$ zmrestoreldap -lbs                        
[zimbra@zimbra ldap]$
Where did I go wrong with my attempt to restore using full and incremental backups?