In bug 21021 we were talking about using Zimbra's IMAP interface to store voicemails from Asterisk. It looks to me like one way this is done with other IMAP packages (such as Dovecot) is to set up a Master User. This way you would have one password that you could use to log in to any user's IMAP account and would seem to work perfectly with the way Asterisk has the IMAP storage structured (otherwise you'd have to find a way to keep the individual users' passwords synced between Zimbra and Asterisk's voicemail.conf). In bugzilla suggested that AUTHENTICATE PLAIN provides this feature. Has anybody successfully set this up?

Following are the combinations I tried:

* OK mail.{domain}.com Zimbra IMAP4rev1 service ready
1 LOGIN {user}@{domain}.com*admin {adminPassword}
* BAD parse error: zero-length content
1 LOGIN {user}@{domain}.com*admin@{domain}.com {adminPassword}
1 BAD parse error: wrong character; expected ' ' but got '*'
Am I getting the format right? Am I using the correct seperator (*) between the login user and the master user?

Mike Chapman