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Thread: Importing Exsisting Folders/Messages/Address books

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    You should add --nosyncacls:

    imapsync --nosyncacls --syncinternaldates
    --host1 server.gtds.lan --user1 yourAccount --password1 yourPassword
    --host2 zimbra.gtds.lan --user2 yourZimbraAccount --password2 yourZimbraPassword

    ZCS' IMAP implementation has no acl related capabilities. Hence don't waste efforts with that.

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    Question Briefcase - Importing 200k files using python w/ curl script

    Your help is most appreciated.
    Okay, messages, contacts, calendars, pretty easy to import and is pretty stable.

    But what about importing a large file store that was a shared company drive into Briefcase?

    I have been trying every which way to get this done without having to do it manually.
    This file store is over 200,000 files with an extensive taxonomy of (sub)folders.

    First I tar-gzip (.tgz) the entire drive. Then I try to just use the import-export function from within a Zimbra account that I am using to perform all the systemwide shares.

    What's funny is that the import function does the job and results all the folders in the correct structure but no files whatsoever.

    I could drag-and-drop but that would take me a week to do. So, my network guru built a python script using curl as the vehicle to pass the files to Zimbra (attached with added .txt so it doesn't run on you.) Now, it works but only to a point.

    When you import a file into Zimbra or use the drag-and-drop Zimlet and Firefox XPI, Zimbra adds a companion file with the extension *.meta that has the mime-type and other information. This is essential for a working file in the Briefcase. It also allows the correct icon to show up in front of the file for the correct application association that Firefox can recognize.

    Using this python script, as I said it does work but Zimbra doesn't create those *.meta companion files on the import.

    It's a fairly simple affair but we just don't know enough about the innards of Zimbra to be able to make it work.

    You help is most appreciated.
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    THis imapsync is brilliant. just migrated ten different email servers into 1 zimbra server with mult-domains. Took the script from the wiki changed it to suit my needs then one click and 17hrs later (it was a lot of data) email all migrated and end users had no idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by sahuguet View Post
    I am trying to use imapsync with one server with imap SSL.
    Any quick idea about how to make it work?

    I am looking at various examples of modified version of Perl IMAPClient used by imapsync.


    I have used imapsync from a provider to zimbra.
    my command was imapsync --host1 $provder1 --user1 $user1 --password1 $password --host2 --user2 $user2 --password2 $user2 --noauthmd5 --ssl1 --ssl2

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    Default Kolab Address Book exporter

    I've just finished a tool for bulk export address books from Kolab into Zimbra-compatible CSV files (one file per mailbox).

    It's written in python. Feel free to test and feedback.

    In Kolab personal Address Book is by default stored in INBOX/Contacts folder in an RFC822 message format; one contact per message. A contact itself is stored as an attachment to the message. They also use cyrus-imapd as service application (hence, no PROXYAUTH support)

    As a CON: it doesn't still export photos from contacts. And still as it is not a 1-button-tool (it only exports, not imports the into Zimbra).

    At the end of file there are 2 lines:
    exporter = ABExporter('/path/to/imapconn.conf')
    first line initializes an instance of ABExporter object giving path to it's config file as a parameter.
    second line produces the sugar, milk and a cup of coffee and mixes them the way you like. Parameter is path to a directory where to write Contacts .csv files.

    Format of config file is:
    imaplogin = manager
    imappass = der_password
    imapserver =
    port = 143

    For pythoneers:

    The meaning of ABExporter.tagToCsvMap dictionary is described as ABMapType's docstring. Else is not very hard to understand, I guess.
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    Default Zimbra for Email blasting

    hello any body guide me how to use for
    Zimbra for Email blasting

    Its very Slow working how to change smtp threads for fast mail sending

    please guide me


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    Default Mail Server reported: 554 Denied

    Hi everyone.
    My company's Mail Server is Zimbra 6.0.9. When my domain send mail to customer, Mail Server reported:

    The mail system

    <>: host[] said: 554 Denied (Mode:
    normal) (in reply to end of DATA command)

    Please help me!!!!!!!!!!


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    I've tested imapsync with Zimbra, and it seems that imapsync keeps only the read/unread/deleted flags, but not the others like "IMPORTANT". Does anyone know if there is a way to keep them too with imapsync? If not, what other tools or fix can be used?

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