Ok guys, sadly I need some help debugging lol ... I have 3 primary users/accounts on my server which has since been upgraded to a 3200Mhz and 1.5G RAM (the problem existed before I upgraded as well)

Here's the issue ... only ONE user is having a problem loading the web client while at home (from work and other locations it seems to be fine). The only thing other than location that I can see different with her account is that she has a large (25+) folder list in her folders panel.

The connection from home goes through a firewall (Just a simple Brazil Firewall) and all connections are proxied/nat'd to the net. I have other accounts on the same server and from the same workstation I have no issues at all (in other words we both try to log in from the same client machine ... hers takes forever to load or times out, mine pops up right away)

This has happened on two separate workstations too ... the other one was a Linux box, this one is a iMac, both were running FireFox. I'm pretty sure it's NOT a Zimbra issue but I'd like to leverage the talent here lol ... or just in case it might be linked to Zimbra. I'm running out of things to check though ... also another thing that makes it wierd ... first it only progresses to being slow, if the workstation is rebooted, everything loads fine again???? but over time it gets slower and slower. I HATE rebooting to fix issues and the only issue she has is getting the mail client to load. I'm going to try clearing all her cache and see if that does anything but I'm looking for any handful of suggestions

Thanks a ton