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Thread: Upgrade from 4.5.10 to 5.0.2

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    Default Upgrade from 4.5.10 to 5.0.2

    Hi guys, I would like to upgrade my Zimbra_OSE_4.5.10 to OSE_5.0.2, it will be very helpful if I get some information about the process to follow so that I can achieve update to 5.0.2 in minimum server down time and without any hiccup. Any help on this much appreciated.

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    You might check out this thread for some pointers:

    Bottom line from most reports I've seen is it should go pretty smoothly, but just in case it does not, be sure to take a full backup of the ENTIRE /opt/zimbra tree after you have stopped Zimbra services and before you start your upgrade. With this plus a copy of the appropriate 4.5.10 binary you can restore your existing system if something does blow up.

    Also, if you have any custom entries in /etc/hosts that do not resolve to a FQDN, comment them out before running your upgrade or it'll bomb.

    Finally, if you've done any customizing of your anti-spam system (whether zmprov commands or edits to they will not survive the upgrade so be prepared to restore them from your backup.



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