When using Zimbra webmail and composing a message in HTML inserting a hyperlink (by copying and pasting) does not work when using the latest version of Firefox. Accessing the same Zimbra webmail using Internet Explorer and composing in HTML does allow one to insert hyperlinks. The hyperlink shows up as only text using Firefox, while it producing a real, functioning link when using Internet Explorer

When opening messages, consisting of text and images which exceed 3 megabytes using Zimbra webmail on the Firefox browser only one third of the message is properly displayed. The rest of the message consists of a large blackness. Opening the same message on the same website using Internet Explorer displays the entire message -- all the text and all the inserted images.

I sat down with two of the technicians who run the site and the chief administrator. All three of them encountered the same problem using different computers. They are all baffled. Firefox has the two glitches; Internet Explorer does not.

Any ideas???