I have set up a Zimbra server (OS Version 5.0.x) for a client that uses the Public IP allocated by my ISP.

Unfortunately, this IP range has been blacklisted (not because of the my client's server -- but because other users of the ISP seem to have misused their static IPs at some point in time) by Outblaze and the only way I could release my IP is by my ISP getting the address ranged released from the Outblaze database. My ISP does not seem to be interested in getting this done and as such, we are unable to send email to servers which use the Outblaze lookup table to block mail from blacklisted IP addresses.

I would like to use another of my servers, which has a clean IP address as a smart relay. While I have figured out how to add the smart relay, there does not seem to be any way on the admin console by which I could provide the authentication credentials.

Would appreciate any assistance/help in getting this done.