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Thread: [SOLVED] Help with custom spamassassin rule

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    Question [SOLVED] Help with custom spamassassin rule

    I've added the following to

    rawbody BLOGSPOT_****       /Real Men!.*Girls!.*blogspot\.com/i
    describe BLOGSPOT_****  blogspot **** emails
    score BLOGSPOT_**** 2.0
    meta BLOGSPOT_BAT_**** (BLOGSPOT_**** && __THEBAT_MUA)
    score BLOGSPOT_BAT_**** 5.0
    and called zmamavisdctl restart as listed in the wiki. (__THEBAT_MUA is defined in the stock spamassassin rules.) My rules are either incorrect or not being called by zimbra. I've tested the rules with a sample email on a different install of spamassassin so I could use the --lint -D options and see what it was doing. This rule works with a standalone spamassassin.

    Any ideas? Is "zmamavisdctl restart" not enough? was updated with the contents of my ".in" file.


    The rules are working, but do not seem to be applying when the email is sent to an alias.


    The rules are working fine. The email I had forwarded me was from before I had applied the rules!
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    It appears you solved your own problem, so I won't try to get into it. One suggestion though, that a number of admins seem to prefer, is to make your own custom changes in rather than any of the other cf files. This is not necessary, as all cf files in the /opt/zimbra/conf/spamassassin path are read and implemented, but the advantage is that overrides any other file, so if you keep all your customizations there, you have only one file to backup and restore if your system blows up, or when you upgrade to a new version.

    I say the latter of these two because all your spamassassin configuration files will be overwritten any time you upgrade Zimbra versions. Although you should backup your entire Zimbra database before any upgrade, I still prefer to restore only because I don't want to lose any other improvements that might be part of the upgrade in other files.



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