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Thread: Info on domains and COS?

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    Default Info on domains and COS?

    If I could, is it possible to get more information on a couple of intricacies of Zimbra?

    Here is my problem. My main domain,, is a dyndns domain. This works fine for my wife and kids, but I have had a couple of my emails, e.g., for 10 years or more. So I created a domain in Zimbra, but more and more lately, the mail bounces, because it is not originating from, but from my cablemodem address. The other problem is that unless a domain is defined in Domains, you cannot set it up as an alias.

    What I am wondering is where I can get more information on how to properly set up domains in Zimbra, and whether I can set up individual smarthosting for domains either in the Domains tab or as aliases.


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    Do you have someone that will host DNS such as MX and A records?

    Your MX records for your domain can point to a mail server from another domain. I do this for domains I host. That's how I got around the question of the helo command responding with a different name than the domain in the from e-mail address.

    Since DNS records are easy to obtain, I'll give you a for instance. preference = 20, mail exchanger preference = 30, mail exchanger = nameserver = nameserver = nameserver = internet (IPv4) address = internet (IPv4) address = internet (IPv4) address = internet (IPv4) address = internet (IPv4) address =

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