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Thread: Shared Folders / Quota Used

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    Default Shared Folders / Quota Used

    ZCS FOSS 5.0.0 on Ubuntu 6.06.1

    We implemented exchange-like public folders by creating a user named "public.folders" and sharing a new folder of that user. We store customer correspondence in subfolders of this share. Initially I was concerned about the available permissions; with exchange users could add to public folders but not delete from; I quickly found that all items deleted from our ZCS public folder go to "public.folder" trash which I can review prior to emptying (nice feature).

    My questions:

    1. While we are pleased with this method of public folders, is there a better practice?

    2. When items are MOVEd from any users folder to a subfolder of the shared public folder the space used (xx MB of 200 MB) for that user does not decrease. This would lead me to believe that the message is still stored with that users emails and may be deleted if that user is deleted. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, could you provide some insite?


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    If you'd like, you can use zmmailbox to set more fine-grained permissions on the shared folders. For instance, you can allow read, write, and insert access but not allow delete.

    If you're not seeing quota change after a "move" to a shared folder, please make sure that it's not actually doing a copy instead. There have been some bugs fixed for 5.0.3 regarding this.
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