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    Default Calendar URL public view

    Hi, I have created one calendar and share for public view only, buy when I am trying to access through web url, it wants to open the calendar file with outlook. Instead of opening on web-browser. If someone can let me know what I am doing wrong here or what I need to do to make this work for public view work on web-browser. Your any suggestion on this much appreciated. thanks

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    Try putting .html on the end of it.

    In v5, we added the ability to go to http:// to see an easily readable day/week/month view. (The publisher must share the calendar specifically or publicly in order for you to see it.)

    In 5.0.1+ you can get free busy info by visiting http:// which will display an aggregate HTML calendar for all the user's free-busy data. (Of course you can always choose to select "exclude this calendar when reporting free/busy times" if you wish.)

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    Is it possible to do the same with Outlook -> Calendar tab ?

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