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Thread: WebDAV mounts in Mac OS X create garbage files

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    Unhappy WebDAV mounts in Mac OS X create garbage files

    Aside from the other bugs with webdav (see this messy thread) I am seeing some ugly problems when trying to use files copied to the webdav share when mounted via Mac OS X Finder:

    • Opening and working documents to the webdav share creates files that have a different time zone or date (file says 6:13 modification when it was actually 11:13 CST)
    • TextEdit gives 'privileges' error when saving over a file directly on webdav share, whereas Excel Mac 2004 does not. Curious.
    • In the web client the file list displays resource fork files for many files (particularly Office files) copied via the Finder (for example "myfilename.doc" has a corresponding resource fork file "._myfilename.doc".
    • A ".TemporaryItems" folder gets created and is visible via web client
    • And (not surprisingly) there is the crappy .DS_Store file in each folder, visible from the web client.

    Does anybody have some good working solutions to filter these files and keep the Mac side usable?

    Thank you,
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