I have searched the forum and searched the manuals for this, but I cannot find the right solution for this issue.

How do I set up one user's account to access all of the email of another internal account in webmail? We have an admin assistant who manages the email for her manager completely. She does not send on behalf. She actually used to use Eudora personalities for this. In Eudora, her manager was another personality and all of his email appeared in her Inbox, which she could then hit reply to and it would send as her manager. I thought personas in webmail was the same thing, but it is not. It only allows you to send as someone else. It does not allow you to receive their email. Her manager has a separate email account and delegating his inbox does not work. That just does the whole sending on behalf of thing. We would like all email for both internal accounts to flow to the same inbox and she should be able to respond to messages with either account. Thank you.