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Other wiki articles may reflect general knowledge, or stuff that one person has found helpful enough to write up. As with any publicly-maintained document, your mileage may vary. There are things in the wiki I've found infinitely helpful, and others I, personally, wouldn't try on a bet. Like the forums, they are there to facilitate an open exchange of ideas/successes/failures. Use at your own risk, but certainly use them (and contribute to them!). When you find an error or incomplete documentation, if you would either (1) edit it yourself or (2) drop a note to the article's author, you might spare somebody else a lot of grief, too!


Hi Dan, a feel good comment actually I agree that is the best practice.
I am searching every tit bit in forums for this crazy error that I am seeing in my logs. I stumbled upon this and I do understand its an old thread, np I am gonna start a new one.