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Thread: TRying to make sense of a Palm sync solution

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    Default TRying to make sense of a Palm sync solution

    We're still working w/ the temp license trying to figure out whether or not Zimbra is something we want to move to. One of the sticking points is going to be an easy solution for syncing Zimbra's calendar/task/contacts to palm OS devices (primarily Treos and TXs). It looks like the easiest solution would be to do it via the Outlook conduit. I just spent the last couple of years trying to migrate people from Outlook so I'd rather not have to go back now and tell them they have to use it again It looks like there might be another solution but I'm getting kind of lost/not finding a "how to" setup anywhere. I did find one thread that mentioned something about Versamail, which does mail/contacts/calendar but doesn't do tasks right? Maybe that'll be good enough if that's the only thing that is missing. However that doesn't work through the HotSync process right so in order to get everything the person will have to sync twice (once via VersaMail and once via HotSync for everything else) right?

    However to make sure I'm heading in the right direction I've seen some people mention some sort of ActiveSync option. That's an add-on app to the Zimbra server right? Is it included in the network trial version? I don't see anything that indicates that it is but I'm still new to the admin interface. If it is included how do I utilize that to sync w/ the plams? If it isn't included, is this what I need and how do I get a trial copy?

    I'm also seeing something call SyncML and ZimbraSync4j, is this part of the ActiveSync solution or an alternative? Will this work w/ palms or is it just for smart phones?

    I take it at this time there is no easy plug-in/conduit single "Hot Sync" option available? Is this something that is being worked on? I appreciate any hints/clues/suggestions.
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