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    Red face Mailbox Restore

    Yesterday I had a user who, upon laying some papers, a book or two and other stuff across her keyboard, notice her Zimbra screen "flickering". After removing the stuff off her keyboard, then noticed that about 3-4 weeks worth of email was gone from her inbox. She immediately looked in the trash but it was empty. We searched for emails that should have been there, but they aren't.

    My guess is she hit some key combo that did the deleting. In any case, can I restore an individual mailbox from the backups? If I can and that means overwriting the current mailbox, can I redirect it to a dummy account so we can see what was deleted and print off or forward the important stuff?

    Many thanks for any advice!

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    CLI zmrestore restoreToTime Network Edition only - Zimbra :: Wiki
    CLI zmrestore Network Edition only - Zimbra :: Wiki

    If you use -ca & -pre on the zmrestore command you can create a new account to hold the restore while not affecting the currently working account.

    The --restoreToTime option replays redo log sequences until time specified. When using this command, use the -lb argument to specify a full backup that took place prior to the time of the backup you wish to restore. It'll run without specifying -lb, but trust me it'll be better if you get in the habit of specifying a full that took place prior to the time you want to restore to
    zmrestore -s -a --restoreToTime 20080301364705 -lb full-2008xxxxxx -ca -pre restored_
    Then connect to that account in an IMAP client, search for and copy the said mails between accounts, etc. Likewise you could use imapsync, which can also be done without changing the passwords (say they're not around to provide those, or you don't want to reset them right now).
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