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Thread: Message with nested attachments - unable to view in web client

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    Default Message with nested attachments - unable to view in web client


    A user complained about being unable to view the attached message in the Zimbra web client. It's some sort of "funny" image (or pehaps HTML) that has been forwarded from a couple of AOL users before being received by my user. As a result the actual message is nested in 2 or 3 attachments as each AOL user forwarded it as an attachment to the next.

    Looking into it I found that under IE 6.0 I can get into the nested attachments one level but then start getting JavaScript errors. Under FireFox 1.0.7 I can get to the same level but then FireFox itself hangs.

    Personally I would just delete such a message as a matter of course but unfortunately I can't tell the user that!

    Basically I am wondering if handling this type of message reflects a problem/bug with the Zimbra web client that perhaps is already being worked on?

    For reference I'm on the zcs-3.0.0_M4_62 open source release running on Fedora Core 3. It's been upgraded through all open source releases since M2_740 with no problems during each of the upgrades.

    Thanks Much!
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    Yes, this is a known (old) bug that we are working on ... you can keep track of it here:

    Thanks for the post!

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    This bug has been fixed.

    Thread closed.

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