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Thread: [SOLVED] Why cant I reply to a post?

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    Default [SOLVED] Why cant I reply to a post?

    I started a thread yesterday (see link below), and after someone replied with a question I hit reply and typed my response. After several tries on two different computers I have been unable to post my reply to the thread I started. I have never experienced anything like this on a forum before!!

    Phoenix, here is my reply to you:

    This is a new install of Zimbra, and I am running it on a NAT Lan with a dynamic public IP address. Right now the Zimbra install is for testing purposes, but if I can get the message headers to look more like I want them, I will migrate from my Apache James setup to Zimbra.

    -In the past, before I changed the hostname settings in Apache James, some messages from my server would get parsed as spam even after being sent through my ISP smart host. Back then, testing my server against the now defunct led me to remove the terms localhost, and from outgoing message headers.

    So basically the reason I want the terms removed is because I don't want messages from my server being marked as spam because of my dynamic IP.

    I read your replys from January 2007 the last time this was brought up and they didn't help.
    See this link:

    I know there is a way to change the format or just remove certain parts of the message headers I just need a little guidance as I am new to Zimbra and Postfix. If you like I can post part of my headers from my Apache James setup so you can see how I would like to model the hostname part of my Zimbra message headers.


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    Are you behind a proxy ? I have deleted the other six duplicate posts to that thread, and have posted a response aswell. I shall close this thread.

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    Seems you just ran into Fido our watchdog:
    (Sometimes we forget to feed him!)

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