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Thread: OPening session failed...

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    Question OPening session failed...

    Hi everybody,

    First, sorry for my english but I will try to talk about my problem.
    I have 2 domains to manage:
    - with external LDAP authentification.
    - with external LDAP authentification.

    I created them with the zimbra admin console and I test the authentification and everything was successful!

    When I created Accounts for the domain @example and tested them, everything was OK.
    But for the domain, the authentification is successful but I have immediately the following message "Your session has expired". But the account is valid because I can use it for my samba domain.

    Tell me if you need more explanations and thank in advance for your answords...

    PS: Good job guys for Zimbra!! Really great!!!

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    Default ouppsss....

    OUps.. sorry... I think that is the same bug for all others guy concerning session expiring!!

    But I didn't understand how to fix it.



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    Try setting your session expire time to several days.
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