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Thread: [SOLVED] Is it a way for admin to add shared folder to users without accepting in ema

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    Default [SOLVED] Is it a way for admin to add shared folder to users without accepting in ema

    Users can miss email, do not understand what to do and so on. How admin can add shared folder to users by itself?

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    I'm going to give the command-line-interface method (you can also construct a normal SOAP request - append ?dev=1 to the end of the url just before login to bring up the debug window to checkout some sample requests or src/ZimbraServer/docs/soap.txt etc)

    su - zimbra

    So first you need to give permission:
    zmmailbox -z -m mfg -i /Calendar account r
    zmmailbox -z -m mfg /Calendar all r

    mfg = modifyFolderGrant
    r = viewer rights
    rwixd = manager rights

    You could do any of the following [account <name> |group <name> |domain <name> |all |public| guest <email> <password>] followed by the permissions like r, rw, rwixd, rwi (insert but not delete), none, etc.

    To mount:
    zmmailbox -z -m createMountpoint --view appointment -F # folder folder
    zmmailbox -a admin -p password -m createMountpoint --view appointment / /sharedFolder #
    mbox>adminAuthenticate -u password
    mbox>createMountpoint --view appointment -F # folder folder

    zmmailbox -z -m mfg "/Vacation Calendar" all r
    zmmailbox z -m createMountpoint --view appointment "/Vacation Calendar" /VacationDates
    zmmailbox z -m createMountpoint --view appointment "/Vacation Calendar" /Vacations

    Totally not what you're asking for, but while I have you attention - you'd might like to vote for Bug 7473 - Share management and discovery (So the users can easily see a list of what's shared to them - even if they haven't accepted/mounted it yet.)
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    Thanks, it works!

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    This works great for sharing all calendars among all users as read...however, i'm running into a problem after I do this.

    If I go into User X's Calendar, set User Y as Admin for that Calendar, log out of User X, log in as User Y, I can add that Share and Accept/Decline meetings for User X all day long, which is what I want.

    However, if User Y should log off, the next time they log in, the read right that was set using the CLI preempts the Admin right that was set and then User Y can no longer administer User X's calendar.

    Any thoughts?

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