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Thread: identifying corrupt message

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    Default identifying corrupt message

    i have an acct w/ approx 15000 msgs that i'm trying to move to another imap server. i'm using a nice ruby script that i found here:

    Ruby script to sync email from any IMAP server to Gmail

    this is a great utility and works as well or better than imapsync (perl based which i've used in the past).
    i've already moved my other users over, but have 1 more critical acct to move (my wife's).

    my problem is i have a corrupt message somewhere in the 15000 that is causing this script, other imap clients and even a pop3 client to fail when downloading msgs from the mailbox. the script's output isn't descriptive enough other than to fail on a nil object error, bad method.

    i've tried re-indexing the mailbox using the zimbraAdmin gui (succeeds with 1 failure) but don't know enough about the zimbra command line environment to troubleshoot further. are there any CL utilities i can use to find this message and delete so the mail transfer can progress?

    has anyone had a similar challenge, not necessarily specific to zimbra? my zimbra host is an osx 10.4.x server (PPC) running community version of 4.5.11 of zcs.

    any advice for a wannabe admin?

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    When you run the Ruby script does it go all the way through, or does it fail ? Looking at the code the line :-

    ds "downloading message #{mid}..."
    should show which email message it was about to process before it fails. Is that true ?

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    uxbod, yes, the script completes and has ran successfully for other accounts.

    i'm not sure about the behavior of the script, but i do see the same message echoed every time it fails (fails at same point when processing messages).

    i'm learning a bit about the zimbra message store, but i don't see any correlation between the store and it's naming system compared to the last echoed message. the store uses 12345.msg as a file name inside numeric directories (looks like an indexing scheme). the message name that i see when running the script is different and looks like a combination of the original message header with orig message id and sending mail server, etc.

    i've looked in the zimbra.log, system.log, and console.log trying to debug the script , but i don't see anything that would help me find the actual offending message. i've grepped for values in the output message name in the store but clearly don't have the expertise to find what i'm looking for.

    my next step is to try and turn on more debugging in zcs. i also would like to try imapsync to compare it's results.

    uxbod, thx again for the input.

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    You might find this page useful: Account mailbox database structure - Zimbra :: Wiki


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