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Thread: FILTER SPAM BY Keywords How to it ?

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    Default FILTER SPAM BY Keywords How to it ?


    I need upgrade spam filter. I have make changes with with filter settings

    blacklist,whitelist, DNS/HELO check(s) etc... but problem is spam filter not correct work. The domain i host is very specific.
    I need filter spam with keywords like ******, cialis etc...
    Where i can put words or phares to filter mails on zimbra?

    i have read many times Zimbra wiki = Improving Anti-spam system and do followind blacklist rules.
    I and i have found answer to stop spam to commind to my mailserver is i need create rule which filter spam by message body text, e mail header.

    Thanks !

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    You probably don't need to change the rules, Zimbra (spamassassin) already filters messages that contain those words. Unless you know what you're doing I wouldn't suggest writing your own rules as you might end up removing valid email. If you want to check the rules, have a look in this directory: /opt/zimbra/conf/spamassassin and extra rules are here: SARE - SpamAssassin Rules Emporium - and some information on writing rules heer:

    If you are having a specific problem it might be an idea to discuss it before you start trying to write any new rules.


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    also take a look at ClamAV - Unofficial Phishing Signatures for additional clam sigs which pick up a lot of the common spams

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