Just upgraded ZCS 5.0.2 -> ZCS 5.0.3 on CentOS4. Everything is fine except every 10 minutes (crontab), my inbox get 4 emails (one for each volume) about disk almost being full, except that it is wrong!

For example, here is one of the emails:
Mar 20 21:10:05 zmailserver zimbramon[21131]: 21131:crit: Disk warning: zimbra.mydomain.com /dev/mapper/vg1-vg1_home at 93%

The real usage for home is:
#df -h
/dev/mapper/vg1-vg1_home 45G 562M 43G 2% /home

Diff'ing the 5.0.2 zmdisklog with 5.0.3 shows it was updated. Perhaps it doesn't understand volume groups?

I've temporarily replaced the 5.0.3 version with the 5.0.2 version and the now the mail-bombing has stopped.