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Thread: Problem with zmmailboxmove

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    Default Problem with zmmailboxmove

    I accidentally provisioned some accounts on the wrong server. When I attempted to move the mailbox with zmmailboxmove I got an I/O error which I have since lost.

    When I attempt to move it now via the admin portal, I get:

    Error code: service.FAILURE Message: system failure: Failed to send mailbox from source server <server2>: Mailbox 7208 already exists on target server <server1> for account <account> consider specifying ow option to overwrite the existing mailbox Details:soap:Receiver

    When I try to do this via the CLI

    [zimbra@server2 ~]$ zmmailboxmove -s <server2> -a <account> -t <server1> -ow
    Error occurred: system failure: Failed to export mailbox from source server <server2>

    I think what I need to do is "purge" the bad copy on server1 so that I can re-attempt a fresh move. Any ideas?

    Peter LeBlond
    Product Development Engineer

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    Hey Peter,
    If you're on 5.0.2 (looks like it from prior threads you might want to wait till 5.0.4 (5.0.3 is going to be renamed) for the solution to Bug 24562 - zmmailboxmove fails with IO error on 5.0.2.

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