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Thread: Calendar-only Account?

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    Default Calendar-only Account?

    I have a client who has a tenant who they'd like to extend access to the common scheduling system they've set up for their conference rooms, and to other user calendars via sharing, but they don't want to allow the new user to send or receive email at the local domain.

    Is there a "calendar-only" option for an account?

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    You can configure which features are active for each account - Mail, Calendar, Briefcase, etc. This can be configured at either the account level, or by using the Class of Service functionality.

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    Current 5.0.x notes:
    -It seems addressbook & calendar can be disabled in the mobile web-client, but not mail.
    -You can also go to server/zimbra/h/calendar when calendar is disabled.
    -Preferences often doesn't disable in the HTML web-client.

    These are:
    Bug 16099 - disable webmail access to particular user/domain
    Bug 25941 - HTML lite allows access to calendar regardless of COS setting
    Bug 24416 - HTML Client: Cannot remove Preferences from COS

    Do note that calendar invites & share notices come in via mail so you will be working without share 'accept' buttons in emails. You might still be able to do calendar notices using your current mailserver in a Split Domain - Zimbra :: Wiki
    The user will have to rely on visual cues (opacity), 'link to shared folders' in the web-client, CLI zmmailbox modifyFolderGrant & createMountpoint, SOAP, etc

    If you want to restrict it so you can't send mail externally you can use or combine these methods:
    Restrict sending to certain domains - Zimbra :: Wiki
    RestrictPostfixRecipients - Zimbra :: Wiki

    If you're interested vote on: Bug 5595 - per-domain send restriction
    Have a configuration/check-boxes for:
    -User can send email outside of their domain
    -User can receive mail from outside their domain
    That is to say we don't want to overlook having a blank to enter what domains they can sent to/receive from (but those 2 alone would solve 80% of people's situations).

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