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Thread: iCal sync very slow

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    Default iCal sync very slow


    Let's say user A has a calendar named "calA" in Zimbra, that contains about 350 items.
    User B has a calendar (and not a mountpoint) named "calB", pointing to "calA" through an iCal URL.

    When I send a SOAP FolderActionRequest to synchronize calB, it is very slow (from 10 up to 30 seconds). Is it the normal time to do that ?
    Is there a way to accelerate this request ?

    Thanks for any help

    EDIT : I forgot to tell I'm using OpenSource edition 5.0.4
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    Back on this subject which is VERY important for me.

    I have to synchronize a folder after each appointment creation. So, user can't have to wait 30 seconds each time !

    Please, could someone tell me whether it's normal that an appointments folder make 30seconds to synchronize ?
    How can I reduce this duration ?

    Maybe I did not the right choice by handling the folder like this, rather than using a mountpoint that doesn't need synchronization after appointment creation.
    But with a mountpoint, I can't tell that calB's appointments have to be shown as "busy" for B user (in my precedent example).

    Maybe is there a better way ? My need is that user B can see appointments as busy, but can't modify them directly : they are handled (creation, modification,...) by the business application, through SOAP call.

    Thanks for help...

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