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Thread: Slow CLI scripts

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    Default Slow CLI scripts


    I wrote a perl script for managing our zimbra accounts, which means periodical syncronisation based on exports form our staff management software (add/remove users, change address book entries, change distribution list membership, verify certain user-editable fields, ...).

    I realized that calls to the CLI are very slow:

    "zmprov ga" (~2s)
    "zmprov gaa" (~3s)
    "zmprov gaa -v" (~3s)

    What you see above is that the actual call needs a lot of time, it's not really important how much information you try to get: all user information (with -v) or just the account names (~200 accounts) or just one single account. For this special case I'm glad the "-v" option exists.
    But for distribution list management there is no "-v" option so I've got to get all distribution lists (gadl), then iterate through all the lists and get the members by calling zmprov for each list which consumes a lot of time.

    Consequence: my script needs a long time to run through all the changes and tests, etc.

    Question: is there a way to speed up these calls? Or how do your scripts look like?


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    i had the same problem.. Did u fix that?

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    same to me, i remember system spent almost 1.5 days to finish one of my script (with > 50000 lines command).

    by the way, i was told we should run zimbra command like this :

    zmprov < cmd.file

    and NOT to run zimbra command one by one, e.g.
    zmprov xxxxx
    zmprov xxxxx

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    Why does it take too much time?
    Because it must retreat a lot of data.
    if you use:
    zmprov ga displayname
    It'll faster than before

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    I think the overhead is just in the way zmprov works i think it might start up java or something I don't know that much. It's been discussed a few times though here is a good thread

    That discusses kind of what tiger2000 is talking about, starting only one instance of zmprov and feeding it commands. Like the forum thread i psasted says though perhaps SOAP is a better way if you need to do stuff efficiently.

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