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Thread: mails are not going outside world

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    Post mails are not going outside world


    I had setup zcs 4.5.10 opensource version, with 100 mailbox account in production. clientis using microsoft outlook.

    1) In 100 account, 2 accounts are not able to send the mails to outside world.
    from outlook

    But i can send the mails tooutside world from their webmail account.

    what will be problem ?

    2) when i connecting through my zimbra server using telnet on port 25

    and sending mail as below

    MAIL (local user)
    RCPT (outside world)

    it gives

    554 relay access denied

    where to make changes exactly, to allow to send mail by above method i.e it should not give relay access denied when i am sending from local to outside world.

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    This could be a problem with your mynetworks setting, you really should search the forums for the answer to this as it's been covered many times.


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    Make sure your network interface is added to mynetworks.
    So at a minimum you'd have two values: x.x.x.x/32
    Directions are here: ZimbraMtaMyNetworks - Zimbra :: Wiki

    No need to add every last IP of people who are connecting remotely. The authenticated user capability simply needs to have your local interfaces listed. You used to have to add these manually, but now in 5.0.x we do some checking to make sure 128.0.0/8 stays in, and the local interfaces are added on install as well as harder to remove from the admin console accidentally. Completed via Bug 17753 - validation of MTA related inputs : comment #25

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