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    Default total message count

    Is there a way to get a total of received, send, AV & spam messages? Can we get a report based on a date range also ?

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    You should get the weekly admin report which will detail a lot of these figures, but I have also been taking a look at a report based on date.

    In /opt/zimbra/zmstat is a file called mailboxd.csv which details a whole host of metrics. The three that I have been looking at are :-

    timestamp lmtp_rcvd_msgs lmtp_dlvd_msgs

    Now, I am not quite sure of the exact description of these (hopefully somebody more knowledgeable will jump in) though

    These files then get rolled into a date directory and compressed, so it would be possible to write a perl script to parse these files and generate a report. You could even write the data into a mysql db for historical purposes.

    Will do some more digging.

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    Digging for the night has finished but this may be of help to you

    su - zimbra
    zmlocalconfig -s | grep mysql | grep logger
    mysql --socket=/opt/zimbra/logger/db/mysql.sock -p
    use the mysql logger password obtained from the grep. Once in mysql run :-

    use zimbra_logger
    desc amavis_aggregate
    Some other useful stat tables in there aswell

    You could also take a look at amavis-stats and configure it to point to the zmlogger db. Note tried this so as always proceed with caution.
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