I have a really fishy problem, that I at first thought was impossible, and that I had a case of user error, but this has now been confirmed for the 3rd time!!

My Zimbra is 3.0.1 GA running on RHEL 4.
My users are all using Windows XP SP2 with IE 6, User accounts Local on the machine.

Three of my users have reported and it is verify-able:

When logging into Zimbra with THEIR ACURATE user and password, they are logged into a different users Zimbra account.

YEAH... Weird huh?

At first I thought it was a user not "logging out" of Zimbra, and the cookie doing authentication, however the users having the issue are logged into windows as DIFFERENT users, so they cant (shouldnt be able to any way) see the cookies and histories of other windows users.

I had NO idea how to search for this problem in the forums, but tried anyway.

Having found nothing in my search, I am hoping you guys can help!!!