Hello. This is my first post here; I'm sure there will be more. I hope I'm posting this in what will be considered "the right place."

I've recently moved the staff mail server with 140 users from a procmail/sendmail setup to the Zimbra Network Edition. (I have a lot of experience with Sendmail but I'm a Zimbra/Postfix noob.) Now that Zimbra's been in use for a few weeks, I have a few questions. Here's the first.

I want to know about changing the domain name that people see when they're served up information from the LDAP server. It will currently show, for example, 'user@airmail.mydomain.com' -- Zimbra is hosted on airmail.mydomain.com. This is causing a bit of confusion with some users who think their email address has changed. I would prefer that people simply see 'user@mydomain.com.' I have used the preferred format in the canonical address field, but that does not affect what's served up by LDAP.

Is the information contained in ZmSetServerName - Zimbra :: Wiki what I'm looking for or is there another method? Or would http://www.zimbra.com/forums/install...rver-name.html, dealing with aliases, serve me better?

As we're now 'in production,' I'd like to 'tread lightly' if at all possible.

Thank you.