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Thread: multiple primaryMessage use of zmvolume

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    Default multiple primaryMessage use of zmvolume

    So you can setup a LUN/mount point to use /opt/zimbra/store and another LUN/mount point to use /opt/zimbra/store2, the install procedure will initially use /opt/zimbra/store and begin using the first LUN (say a RAID5 LUN of 100GB), watch the space used and the IO load ... then use zmvolume to start using the second LUN allocated to the second RAID5 of 100GB.

    Once the second LUN is used for a while (and old mail is deleted from the first LUN) can you switch back to the first? /opt/zimbra/store ?

    This would seem to be an approach for "balancing" your IO across disks to maintain or improve performance as the MessageStore grows. Anyone have any input to this approach?

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    This would all depend on the underlying technology really. If you were using multiple fibre HBAs, and a LUN was presented down each one, you could create a LVOL which was striped across all of them.

    What are you attempting to achieve; just higher throughput ?

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    gjpyne Guest

    Default Why attempt to manage IO on the application level..

    The reason that I posted the question is to explore the field experience of placing the storage on different storage systems and spreading the load between different storage systems by changing primaryMessage via zmvolume.

    I anticipate the growth of mailboxes as the user community move from POP to IMAP and the web interface, thus increasing the mailbox storage. This will happen over 6 to 12 months and with the cost and performance of disk space I wanted to verify the design approach of adding primaryMessage storage (that does not yet exist) and cycling back to the original allocated storage as the second disk starts approaching capacity and the first is recycled as the primaryMessage after the normal old message clean up by the mailbox users.

    I am aware of the approach of using HSM, this post concerns itself with managing the primaryMessage storage and assuring adequate capacity and performance as we respond to growth in the future.
    Thanks again!

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